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I’m a freelance writer & I can help you find your voice

As an experienced, freelance copywriter, blogger and content writer, I can help you tell your story. My specialism is taking complex, technical or difficult subjects and presenting them in a unique and engaging way.

Do I need a freelance copywriter?

My words can help you achieve your goal, whether it’s to build web traffic, generate sales or grow your share of voice.

First of all, I can help you define your messages with clarity and  create a tone of voice that boosts your brand’s personality. My skill is creating content that has real impact. I use words to sell and persuade. I create website content that attracts traffic without compromising on charisma. My case studies tell your best stories with style. And I’ll help you structure presentations that provoke action from your audience.


If you’re just starting a blog or maybe you’ve run out of steam, let me add some extra energy to your content strategy.

Posting relevant and engaging content on a regular basis is essential to the success of a blog. But coming up with fresh ideas, finding the time to write, and maintaining the momentum of your site can be difficult. I can write one-off blog posts or work with you on an ongoing basis to create a long term content strategy that boosts your brand and supports your strategy.


I’ll keep your readers engrossed, whether it’s with a fact-filled feature, an emotive interview, or carefully crafted advertorial.

Got a great story? Let me help you tell it. I write articles on a wide range of subjects for national newspapers, online publications and niche trade magazines. I’m equally comfortable interviewing the CEO of a blue chip company as I am a frazzled mummy of three. I can also tell a great first person tale, deliver comment pieces that will provoke debate, and create  effective advertorial for brands.

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Words that stand out from the crowd

Whether it’s editorial for a magazine, website content, blog posts, or marketing copy for a brochure, professional writing is about one thing: identifying with a target audience, understanding their interests and providing engaging content that meets time, style, budget, and space requirements. I apply this commercially focused approach to my writing. My services include:


One page or a whole site. Always SEO and reader friendly.


One-off posts, a set number per month, or a full content strategy.


Features, first person narrative, or sponsored content for brands.


Digital campaigns including web content, emails, social media posts and blogs.

First and foremost, I’m passionate about providing informative, thought-provoking and imaginative content for my clients.

I have more than 15 years’ experience working with a wide range of clients from tech start-ups, to large retail brands and professional services firms.

Although I’m based in Birmingham, West Midlands, I work with clients far and wide. So, what’s next? If you have a requirement but aren’t sure where to start, the first step is to get in touch. Then, you can leave the rest to me. Email me for a quote

Client Testimonials

Here’s what my clients say…

I’ve worked with many external suppliers and agencies, and can honestly say that I’ve never had such a smooth transaction as when I worked with Laura on a major project recently. Her attention to detail exceeded my expectations more than any other external supplier ever has. She needed very little guidance, quickly got to grips with our corporate tone of voice and style and produced a piece of work that received fantastic feedback from our senior business leaders. Laura is easy to work with, takes the time to fully understand your business and objectives and can translate dry information into a free flowing story.


Lex Autolease

Laura is brilliant. She has an innate ability to get into the head of her client and then project all media output in that client’s tone of voice. The result is an apparent effortless, natural and consistent method of communication. Her affable, warm style makes her easy to work with and through this approach she is able to draw out the best in her clients. Would I recommend her? The answer is you bet! – I already have.”



Laura has played an instrumental role in the development and success of It is legal. Not only does she provide copy that is original and insightful, she’s taken time to understand our readers and develop content that appeals directly to their interests. The quality, accuracy and variety of her writing, her ability to present ideas in a lively and engaging style and the fact that she always delivers content on time have all contributed to the popularity of the website. This is shown in our reader numbers – one year after launch there are around 24,000 legal professionals subscribing to the It is legal e-newsletter.


It is Legal

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Email: laura@laurajanejohnson.co.uk

Telephone: +447803926239