Laura Jane Johnson
Freelance copywriter 

Based in Birmingham and working with businesses across the UK.

Freelance copywriter UK

Do you need a freelance copywriter?

Hi, I’m Laura, a freelance copywriter and content creator. I’m based in Birmingham, but I work with businesses, brands, and publications across the UK and beyond.

Designer booked. Now, don’t forget the copywriter.

Design makes a fast first impression. But when it’s coupled with great words, that’s when your marketing truly engages people. As your freelance copywriter, I will find the right words to help you achieve your goals.

My copywriting services.

Firstly, if you’re here browsing my site, I’m guessing you’re tackling a blank page of some kind. Do you need a copywriter to step in and create the content for your website? Or perhaps you’re looking for some sparkly editorial to add some pizazz to your PR? Maybe you’re pondering if adding some serious SEO could attract more quality traffic to your site? Yes, you’re right, more creative social media would probably help get your website or blog bookmarked by more of the right people. And finally, that looming presentation… let me work with you to convert it into profitable new work.

  How can a copywriter help?

More clicks? Increased traffic? Bigger sales?

In short, words are extremely powerful. So if they’re used cleverly, they will alter opinion, influence behaviour, and convince people to take action. When carefully crafted by a copywriter, a great line of text can create laughter, smiles, or reduce someone to tears.  As a result, a few sentences can provoke new thoughts and challenge assumptions. Yes, great content makes businesses feel as familiar as an old friend and engenders confidence when people need it most. With words you can create huge change, and that’s why I always choose them carefully. So  then, are your words in safe hands?

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What can I write for you?

Are you struggling to find the right words? Then hire me as your freelance copywriter to help you find your voice. Above all, my skill is creating marketing content that has real impact – words that sell, persuade, inspire and motivate. My work is diverse (and that’s the way I like it) but whatever your brief for me, I’ll deliver accurate, energetic copy that is written in the language your target reader instantly relates and responds to.

Work with me

I create website content that attracts traffic without compromising on charisma. One page or a whole site, I will work with you flexibly to deliver projects at the pace that works best for you.


Coming up with fresh ideas for content for your blog, and then finding the time to write can be difficult. I can write one-off blog posts or work with you  to create a long term content strategy.


Social media is a crowded place. You need to work hard to stand out and earn engagement. If you ‘re looking for ideas for a creative campaign, I can provide the idea, the words, imagery, and video content.


Do you have a huge sales opportunity on the horizon? Preparing to pitch your business to new investors? I can create compelling proposal and presentation content that will help you win new business.


Launching a new product. Bagged an exciting new client. Completed a landmark project. Recruited some impressive new talent. Whatever your news, I can present it for the media and increase share of voice.


Got a great story? Let me help you tell it. I write articles for national newspapers, online publications and niche trade magazines. Features, first person narrative, and sponsored content.


Sharp subject lines, concise but powerful copy, and a clear call to action. Let me help you craft email campaigns that get opened and that inspire action from your network of subscribers.


I can help you define your messages with clarity and create a tone of voice that boosts your brand’s personality. Marketing content comes in many forms, digital and print, and I love a challenge.

Have you got a blank page to fill? Tell me more. I’m excited already.

Contact Laura

Email: laura@laurajanejohnson.co.uk

Telephone: 447803926239