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Are you struggling to find the right words? Let me help you to tell your story.

As a freelance copywriter and writing coach, I’ve a knack for picking exactly the right words to get your content noticed by the right people. In other words, I can help you to create content that wins new work and grows your business.


Hand it over to me and I’ll scrupulously scribe what you need by your deadline

With my help you write the high converting content I know you’re capable of

Strategy sessions that will ensure you’re never lost for words again

I write words that get you noticed by the right people

My words win awards, get new mega contracts signed and turn idle browsers into excited enquirers. 

I make people think, or smile, ask questions, or at least nod enthusiastically in agreement.

So give me a challenge.

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A collection of free resources to help you write about your business with style.

Word Stylist is about helping you to make small changes that will add extra sparkle to your content. These are practical writing tips that will give your words a little more finesse and a whole lot more impact.

The resources in The Word Stylist Closet are free. Simply subscribe and I’ll send you the password.

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Looking for a copywriter in Birmingham?

If you’re a Birmingham based business, looking for someone you can chat content ideas to over a coffee, I’m your freelance copywriter. Just name the coffee shop and your caffeinated beverage of choice.

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Client Testimonials

I was looking for someone to understand my business and how sensitive my line of work can be. I felt Laura really listened to me and captured my business so well that the content of my website feels both authentic and professional.
Laura has an excellent way of connecting with you and understanding who you are, which really shows in her work.

Aneet Kaur

Aneet Kaur Counselling

Starting up a practice and finding the words for my website was such a daunting task. And don’t get me started on SEO. However, Laura came to the rescue and truly found the right words. Not only capturing the brand and vision of my practice, but more importantly the value my clients get in working with us.

Kulbir Panesar


Working with Laura is very positive for our business. She takes a basic idea and converts it into a very useful outcome. Her copywriting work on our website reads and feels right, and we’re very happy with her direction. Laura is very easy going person to work with and delivers what is needed on time.

Carlos Anazco


Laura takes technical speak and turns it into understandable, exciting messages for our audiences. She brings a wealth of experience to her work, and with vocabulary flair added into the mix, she creates exactly what we need and more. As a result, we continue to work with Laura on all our copy projects.

Manuel Costin


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