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Website copywriting

Increase traffic. Generate more engagement. Achieve higher conversions. A few ways a website copywriter can help grow your business.

The right words can help your website achieve all of these things. As a website copywriter, my objective is to create SEO powered web content that not only makes you more visible online but also has the potential to convert a passing visitor to your website into your best customer.

Are you launching a new website and have no idea where to start with building the content?

Maybe you’re frustrated by an existing site that’s underperforming?

Or are you tearing your hair out trying to find the right words to articulate what you do online?

Perhaps you’re battling to bring an old site in line with a new brand identity?

Would you like website content that not only gets you on Google’s radar but also engages your ideal visitors?

Take a look at my website packages to see how I could take away the stress of content creation by helping you define your business or brand more effectively online.

Website content that engages real life, human people (as well as the Google robots)

Website copywriting is not just about SEO and keyword placement. Rest assured I’ll make sure your H1 and H2 headers are optimised and your page titles and meta descriptions are crafted to perfection.  (Only the foolish would ignore the wishes of the almighty Google gods.)
But there’s more to creating a successful website than this. It’s all about user experience and creating a carefully crafted and engaging journey for visitors around your site.

My copywriting process

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Web content that works 
(it’s a balancing act)

Writing for websites is complex because there are three equally demanding audiences to consider. They all have clear ideas about what they like, they don’t always agree with each other, but they all have an important stake in the success of your business online. 


You’ll have a strong ideas about what you want to say and how you want to say it.


Your visitors needs to feel like you’re talking directly to them, in a voice they can relate to.


To attract traffic you need to get the attention of the search engines with some clever SEO.

Choose your copywriting web package

How much will it cost to write my website? I offer a few packages that will help with this answer. or if you have something specific in mind I can send you a customised project quote.

one page

Need a landing page for a new campaign? Or maybe your ‘About’ needs some extra oomph. Let’s get it done.


  • One page of your choice
  • One hour consultation
  • Keyword & competitor research
  • Each page is optimised (on page and off page SEO including unique page title, URL, meta description, headers etc)

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Launching something new? Add a new page to a website I’ve already written for you at a discounted rate.


  • One page of your choice
  • Each page is optimised (on page and off page SEO including unique page title, URL, meta description, headers etc)

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A few common questions about writing website content


The end goal of SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is to increase organic (unpaid) traffic to your website. This is achieved using techniques that engage your website with search engines, encouraging your page to rank higher on a search engine’s results page for your chosen keyword. 


Researching and defining your keywords and phrases is an exercise in working out the terms people are entering into search engines to find businesses like you. You can then optimise your content so your site shows up in search results for these terms.


It certainly is. If you awkwardly shoehorn keywords into your content, Google will see right through it (that’s a black mark against you in the rankings race). In this new more enlightened era for SEO, depth of content is definitely rewarded over keyword unnatural density. However, as a general rule your focus keyword should appear in the title, the first paragraph, the H2 (if it’s not too clunky), and sporadically throughout the rest of the page. 


Perhaps you’re baffled by SEO and worried your website will get the cold shoulder from Google. Maybe you hate writing and can’t wait to offload the responsibility. Or it could be that with a tight launch schedule, you simply don’t have the time and resource to write content inhouse. A website copywriter helps. However, the real value of a content expert is their knack for defining your business so your customers and Google take notice.

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For a small business hiring a freelance copywriter may feel a luxury. A bigger team may be wondering if using an external writer is the best route. Over a quick 15 minute chat, I can answer your questions and provide the information you need to decide the best way forward.