Birmingham, UK

Website content with charisma

Are you looking for a website copywriter?

You’re on the right page. I’m a freelance website copywriter, but you’re probably wondering, what does this actually mean?

I write SEO-friendly online content for businesses (from local entrepreneurs in and around Birmingham, to large corporations with global operations). Being freelance means I’m flexible, so I can write whatever you want (one blog or a whole site) exactly when you need it.  

First and foremost, as an SEO and website copywriter, I write content that will get you noticed.  But it’s not just about keyword placement. Rest assured I’ll make sure your H1 and H2 headers are optimised and your meta tags are crafted to perfection, but there’s more to creating a successful website than this. 

I write content that grabs the interest of the right people and really engages them with your website, your brand, and your business. And this is all about user experience. In other words, fully engaging your visitors by creating a carefully crafted journey around your site.

My objective is to create web content that has the potential to convert a passing visitor to your website into your best customer.

Why you need help writing website content

You’ve got a business to run, meetings to go to, and you’ve got lost in the depths of WordPress so many times that you’ve lost count. So you tweak some old copy from a presentation, awkwardly wrestle in a few keywords to tick the SEO box, hit publish on your site, and just hope Google is feeling charitable. Don’t worry, I get it. But the problem is, your website is not going to perform based on this. As an SEO and website copywriter, I can help.

Website copywriter

How can a website content writer help?

  • One-off, one page: Is it simply a new ‘About’ page you need? Or maybe some flashy text for a new case study? Ask me to write a single page for you, that’s fine.
  • Building a brand new website: Or maybe you want a five-page website that will get your business up and running? If you start with great content, you’re off to a flying start.
  • Refresh your site: If you’ve already been operating for a while, I can help you to whip a sprawling out-of-control site into shape.

What’s stopping you writing your own website content?

  • It’s all new and you’re not sure where to start?
  • You have a designer on board, but you haven’t really thought about SEO and writing the content?
  • Is your launch date looming but your pages are still blank?
  • When will there ever be time to add new content to your site?
  • Are you convinced Google has an evil vendetta against your site?
  • Are you leading the search rankings but not achieving the clicks? 
  • You’re getting traffic to your site, but wondering why no-one sticks around?

Running a website takes time, effort and skill. But you don’t have to do it all on your own.

SEO content writer
Website writer

Don’t let sloppy content hold your website back. 

Your website it the first thing many people will see from you. By working with me as your website copywriter, I can help you make a great first impression.

I can help you:

  • Develop a new structure and navigation for your website
  • Give your content a consistent tone of voice that matches your brand personality
  • Work with design teams to make sure your visual and written content are complementary
  • Draw up a content strategy and deliver it
  • Write SEO website copy – whether it’s an individual page or a whole new site

Sound good. But how much does website copywriting cost?

I don’t offer a standard package, because there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. I’ll write exactly what you need, so you can build your website in the most affordable way.