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Capsule Content: Helping small business owners to write amazing websites


If hiring a copywriter isn’t an option for your business, what’s the alternative? I’ve created Capsule Content to fill this gap. By sharing my website wisdom, I can help you to write an amazing website yourself. This offers a more affordable option for smaller budgets.


Capsule Content is personalised to you and your business. The calls are 1-2-1 and I’ll give you ideas and feedback specifically for your business.  I’ll help you to uncover your messages and create a website with a personality and flow that is wonderfully you.


Capsule Content breaks down the task of writing your website so it feels less intimidating and more manageable. I’ll share with you templates and tips that I know work to give you the best possible starting point. No more staring wistfully at a blank page.

Introducing Capsule Content

⚡️A 1-2-1 mentoring package where I help you to write amazing content for your website.

⚡️Over the medium of Zoom, I’ll transform from random writery person you follow on Instagram into your own personal writing mentor.

⚡️This is not a generic course. You get to pick my brains and extract all the writery wisdom you need. I’ll provide personalised support as you’re writing and offer feedback that will add professional polish to what you write. 

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A package designed for small business owners with big plans for their website

With Capsule Content, I’m offering an exclusive 1:1 mentoring experience for small business owners who want to write their own website content. But don’t quite know where to start.

 I get it. You’re oh-so-ready to get stuck into your website project. The problem is you can’t seem to find your way out of the procrastination and overwhelm and actually put pen to paper (or should I say fingers to keyboard?) Is this you?

Fear not, Capsule Content is here. Over four calls, we’ll delve into the detail of your website. I’ll also share with you my processes and templates that will make the writing process quicker and simpler.

And if you send me over what you write, I’ll reply with some ideas and feedback to give your masterpieces some extra professional polish.

Capsule Content is a practical programme. I’ll show you step-by-step how I write the core pages of a website, and support you as you put my tips into action.

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How does it work?

The aim is to break writing a website down into manageable tasks.

⚡️Four 1-2-1 sessions (approx 45 mins – 1 hour). Each session focuses on a specific page of content. Obviously I’d prefer to do this sat together at a table with a coffee but for now, this will be a virtual coffee over Zoom.

⚡️I’ll ask you to fill in a quick questionnaire before the first call, so we can hit the ground running and make the most of every minute.

⚡️After each call, I’ll provide a detailed checklist covering the key points and a page template that will provide a structure and prompts to help you through the writing process.

⚡️Send the content you write over to me and I’ll provide feedback and ideas on how you can add a bit of professional sparkle.

Home: Set the structure

What’s the objective of your website? We’ll discuss how to present what you do and how your website fits into your business plans.

I’ll help you to define your key messages and how this forms the structure of your homepage.

We’ll also look at the navigation of your website so it offers your visitors a purposeful journey with you.

By the end of the session you’ll have a clear purpose for your website and the confidence to build your site structure and the core messages for your home page.

About: Tell your story

I’ll guide you through my approach to writing a compelling ‘about’ page.

We’ll set the structure for your page and look at how you tell your story. I’ll also share my magic on how to make this page work harder for you.

You’ll go away equipped to write an about page that clearly sets the scene for your business and reinforces the values and personality of your brand.

Product/Work with me: Sell what you do

This is your core offer. It’s all about how you present your services in a way that will convert an idle browser into your favourite customer.

We’ll talk about how to build a strong, persuasive structure and how to bring out the benefits of what you offer with big impact.

You get the tools and inspiration to write about what your business offers in a compelling way following a persuasive page structure.

Contact & blog: Finishing touches

We’ll talk about content for your contact page (let’s make it more than a form).

But the core focus of this final module is about making your website seen. How will people find your site?

We’ll talk about how to use your blog to make your website an active marketing tool for your business in the future.

This gives you everything you need to finalise your website content and create a plan to make your website an active marketing tool for your business.

What do I mean by capsule content?

Visitors to your website have short attention spans. You need to grab their attention quickly, captivate them with your content, and then give them a nice simple route to becoming your next customer.

You can do this with five pages:

✨Work with me/Products

These core pages are what I’m calling your Capsule Content.

The aim of this package is to help you to write these pages to achieve maximum impact.

Is Capsule Content for you?

⚡️Has updating your website been lurking on your to do list for far too long?

⚡️Are you a new business owner looking to make a splash with your online presence?

⚡️Are you looking to build your online presence with a website that brings everything you do to life?

⚡️Are you tired of making excuses about why your website still isn’t live / is out of date / is generally not what you want it to be?

⚡️Do you want a great website but don’t have the budget to hire a copywriter to write it for you?

Yes, this is me

Are you ready to hear more? Let’s  discuss how Capsule Content could work for you.

What’s the investment?

You have a website that needs content. I can offer you a range of support. 

full copywriting service


5 core landing pages professionally written for you

  • Home, about and contact pages
  • Two additional pages of your choice
  • Fully SEO optimised content
  • One hour consultation
  • Original content, written for you
I’ll write ONE page for you


One page of your choicel written for you by me

  • Home, about, product – you choose what page needs special attention
  • Fully SEO optimised content
  • Original content, written for you
  • 30 minute consultation
Who am I?

Hello, I’m Laura

I’m a copywriter and I love writing website content.  I’ll be honest, I’d like nothing more than to get my hands on your content and write it myself. But outsourcing this task to me might not be the best option for you.

With Capsule Content, I want to help busy business owners like you to write amazing website content for their businesses. So, I’m the writing processes and techniques I’ve honed over the years to give small business owner an alternative form of writing support.

Did I mention there are bonus resources?

By the end of Capsule Content you’ll have some lovely, sparkly landing pages and a website that gives your business a platform to shine online. Next, it’s time to show off your hard work. Let’s get that website of yours seen by as many people as possible.

As my final farewell at the end of Capsule Content, I’ll leave you with a two bonus resouces that are all about making your website an active marketing tool for your business.



How will people find your site? This checklist shows you where to position your keywords to get on Google’s search radar.


One way you can make your website an active marketing tool for your business is to get into a good blogging habit. This guide makes this easy.

Business blogging

Capsule Content in a nutshell

HOURS 1-2-1 mentoring

You get to pick my brains about every detail of your website strategy, page-by-page. I’ll also review 4 pages of content for you, providing feedback and ideas to polish your prose.


In four PDF checklists that provide useful prompts when you start writing. They’ll also be useful reminders if you decide to do it all again for more website projects in th future.


I’ll share with you templates for your home, about, product and contact pages. These will give you a structure to guide you through the writing process.


At the end of Capsule Content I’ll also send you my blogging guide and a simple SEO checklist. This will help make sure the great website you’ve created gets seen by the right people.



Work through Capsule Content at the pace that fits your schedule – we can do this over two weeks or two months!

My aim is to help you write your website in the most efficient way possible. I’ll make sure you hit any deadlines, but I’ll also work with you in a way that fits in with all the other demands on your time.


Lots. I’ll help you with the ideas, the structure and coming up with the messages. Basically, I’ll make sure you feel 100% confident about what you’re writing.

But saying this, with Capsule Content the idea is you do the actual writing yourself. I’ll then provide some feedback and ideas on the words you produce.


Hold tight, it’s coming soon. In November, I’ll be setting up the Capsule Content online course that will have all the resources and templates (but without the 1-2-1 support and feedback from me.)


Yes, I’d love to. Take a look at my website packages as a starting point, but then let’s talk about precisely what you need. Tell me your priorities, your ideas and your budget, and I’ll come up with a proposal.


Yes. It’s my mission to make you feel confident writing about your business. You can 100% do this. And I’ll try to make it an enjoyable process for you as well.


I’ll be opening up 2-3 spaces every month for Capsule Content clients. So if you have future plans for your website, let’s get you booked in. I’ll also be running a waiting list. Sign up to my mailing list to be the first to know about availability.

Planning for the future? Stay tuned for when more spaces are released.

I’ll be opening up 2-3 spaces every month. So if you have future plans for your website, join my mailing list to find out when bookings are open