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Should I still be marketing my business during the Covid-19 lockdown?

Marketing during the Coronavirus crisis

Should you continue marketing during the Coronavirus crisis?  Is it insensitive? It probably feels awkward. But is it necessary all the same? After all, we all have livelihoods to think about and businesses to protect. If there is one thing we’re lacking during this crisis, it’s certainty of any kind. One minute you feel bold…
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Copywriter in the spotlight

Ask the copywriter: In the spotlight for ProCopywriters

I joined the ProCopywriters network about 18 months ago. I put up a profile and lurked. For most of this time. Then it hit me that I could be making a lot more of the network. I joined because it was a useful source of information and a nifty way for customers to find me.…
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Copywriter life working from home

Copywriter life: My working from home day {unedited}

I’m a freelance copywriter. My office has been my home for almost a whole decade. Self-discipline should be something I have nailed and my finely tuned work processes should ensure every single day is productivity personified. However, working from home isn’t this simple. Or consistent. And as for me, here’s the truth… Productivity is something…
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