Birmingham, UK

How much does a copywriter charge?

Copywriting fees

First of all, there isn’t a specific copywriter fee I can give you here. Sorry. Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer to how much a freelance copywriter will charge you because there are many things that determine the fee for a writing project. However, when I receive your brief, I’ll provide a proposal with a project fee so you have complete clarity of the costs involved before I put pen to paper.

How do I work our my fee?

There is a little bit of science in my calculations. However, it’s mainly down to my experience of juggling the following factors:

  • Length of the copy
  • Amount of research required
  • Is it an edit of existing material or original content that is required
  • How complicated is the subject matter
  • The purpose of the project (a strapline and a blog post present very different challenges)

All of these things make a difference to the price I will charge.

As a starting point, I charge based on a day rate, and I use this to quote a project fee wherever possible to give the client a clear idea on costs.

My terms and conditions

This is the boring part. Apologies, but it’s essential I get this small print off my chest.

  • I ask 30% of the agreed fee is paid at the commencement of the project. I send an invoice for the remaining balance upon completion.
  • Payment is on strict 14-day terms.
  • Ownership and copyright of content remains with me until full payment. I will pursue my intellectual rights to ownership of content if used before full payment.
  • If you wish to change or add to the scope of the agreed brief after the project begins, additional fees may apply.
  • Project fees include up to two rounds of revisions after submission of the initial draft, providing that the suggested amendments fall within the specification of the agreed brief.
  • If you cancel the project part-way through and before submission, I charge 50% of the agreed fee. Once I provide an initial draft submitted the full fee will apply.
  • If I don’tt receive a response from you within 14 days of submission of the work, the project is considered complete and an invoice issued.
  • In the event of late payment an additional interest fee may be charged. Non-payments will be referred to a debt recovery agency.