Birmingham, UK

Freelance journalist & feature writer

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As a freelance journalist, I find the best words to bring a story to life, whether it’s a first-person lifestyle article, ghost-written thought-leadership editorial, or a carefully crafted advertorial.

Sometimes this means finding an obscure angle that brings fresh colour and new depth to a debate. Or, when it’s appropriate, I relish the opportunity to add humour and warmth to my writing to invite the reader in with a light-hearted take on a topic. But equally the opportunity to write factually and in full, unapologetic detail about a thorny issue is a challenge I’m always eager to accept. 

Whatever the subject matter, whether I’m writing a short blog or a full blown feature, for a little known niche publication or a household name, my mission remains the same – to provide informative, accurate, thought-provoking, and engaging editorial content that meets my editor’s brief and appeals directly to their readers.

What do I write about?

As a freelance journalist, I specialise in writing about workplace issues (HR, leadership, wellness at work), parenting, family lifestyle, and health and fitness. 

HR, leadership & management

What really goes on in a workplace is something that I find particularly interesting. I write on a whole range of business issues (from office plants to Brexit), but I’m particularly fond of exploring quirky workplace trends, the dynamics of our behaviour at work, finding unusual angles on office politics, and exploring the people impact of changes in the workplace.

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Business writer
Freelance writer - health & fitness

Health & fitness

My relationship with exercise is long and committed. I’m a compulsive runner and an easy target for the latest exercise fad (yoga, pilates, street dancing… I’ll give most things a go). It’s no surprise that I love writing about staying active, motivation, and the impact exercise has on our wellbeing.

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Parenting & lifestyle

Being a parent is a huge part of my life, so it naturally impacts on my writing too. Whether it’s discussing a topical issue or debating the ins and outs of an experience at the school gate, my two amazing little girls are the source of a lot of my inspiration as a writer.

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