Birmingham, UK

How I can work with you

Create content your audience wants to read

Do you feel like your content isn’t hitting the spot? Maybe you’re struggling to get started?

Are you worried about creating a website that no-one will ever find? Or worse, that they won’t stick around and read?

Or are you simply feeling alone and overwhelmed by the pressure to create content?

With my help, you get content that makes your business more likeable to the people you want to like you most. There are different ways to work with me based on the skills, resources and budget you have. But regardless of how you choose to work with me, the aim is the same:

To find the words that will get you liked by the right people, helping you to win new work and grow your business.

Go on, let me do it for you

It’s surprisingly difficult to write your own content. And time-consuming, right? So here’s an offer for you. Why not outsource your writing task to me?

Whether it’s a refresh of your website, writing a press release, or a series of blogs, I can take that task that’s lingering on your to-do list and make it happen.

There you go. Sleepless nights over.

Write it for me

Want to DIY? I can help you.

OK, I’d like nothing more to get my hands on your content. But outsourcing might not be the best option for you.  For example, not everyone I work with will have the budget hire me as a copywriter. I’m a small business myself, I get that. Other businesses recognise that building writing capability within their team is the best long-term solution for content creation. I can’t argue with that either. As a result, I offer a range of writing support designed especially for those more open rolling up their sleeves for a bit of DIY.


PDF playbook and the Word Stylist email newsletter provide practical writing tips that you can use to polish up your penmanship. They’re all free to download. If they help you, you can buy me a coffee.

Free content this way

I’m releasing regular downloadable content on clearly defined topics. These are clearly defined to help you achieve a specific goal, by giving you ideas and practical direction.

Explore my downloads

Do you have an idea that needs fleshing out? Do you need to work out what your value proposition is? Or can I help you to find your voice? And if you don’t know where to start, don’t worry. Let’s make a plan together. 

Find out about 1-2-1 support

I can run a half-day writing workshop for a small team. Up to eight people from the same business. I can customise this for you and your goals. 

Let’s talk about a workshop