Birmingham, UK

Presentation & proposal writer

Got a big presentation coming up? 

Whether you’re a professional services firm looking for interim bid management support or a small business with a brief for a powerful PowerPoint presentation for an investment pitch, I can find the words to help you win new business.

Playing it safe is not what I’m about. I’ll encourage you to be adventurous with your proposal documentation and presentations – to embrace creativity, show the sharpness of your edge with confidence, and to boldly showcase exactly what makes you unique. This makes the content I create for you distinct – it’s what makes it compelling. And that’s how I can help you win new business.

Words that win

In a crowded professional landscape, winning new work is getting more competitive. The pressure is on to demonstrate how you are different, how you are more credible, what makes your skillset stand out, and why your people have the very finest brains for the job. But at the same time proposals can feel formulaic and predictable, and it’s all to easy to fall into taking the same old mechanical approach to how you respond. When the big opportunities comes in, you need to break the mould. 

Persuasive proposals

I craft powerful presentations and proposal documents that will help you to convert an opportunity into profitable new business. 

First, I focus on the content. 

Proposal content should not feel the same as what a prospective client will see when they log onto your website. It needs to be customised to perfectly fit a very distinct purpose – it needs to make the recipient feel understood. I’m sure you’re ‘professional’, ‘market-leading’ and ‘have more than 40 years of experience’, but to win new work you’ll need more than this blurb. You only have the attention of a new prospect for a short time, so don’t waste it with buzzwords and bland claims that sound suprisingly similar to every other firm in the line up. I’ll work with your bid team to delve deeper, ask questions that explore new angles, building your bid strategy from scratch, and crafting content that’s custom built for the purpose of the proposal.

Then we can talk about style and polish. 

I’ll craft sharp, succinct messages tailored to meet the unique needs of the opportunity and your own tone of voice. I’ll make content informative and easy to read, hitting all the requirements set and answering the questions posed, whilst at the same way finding engaging ways to present your pitch and creating wording that adds weight to your value proposition. 

I’m not a consultant. I always get my hands dirty.

I’ve worked in the proposals and business development teams across the property, accountancy and legal industries. I’ve helped start-ups with their presentations to new investors and created pitch decks that have hit the boardrooms of some of the biggest names in San Francisco Bay. I love the rush of excitement of pitching for something big (usually against the pressure of an impossible deadline). 

I always crave to  to be in the thick of it, working out the strategy and coming up with ideas. For me, a pitch is all about crafting a story – and this is where feel as a writer I can add most value. When I started my freelance career, I never wanted to be a consultant. I don’t see my role as telling you how to make your approach to bidding smarter, to tell you what you should and shouldn’t be tendering for, but when a big opportunity drops, I can help you create compelling content that will get than new client over the line.