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Social media campaigns

Writing social media content

I love social media. And not just on a personal level. As a freelance copywriter and communications professional, I find having easy access to such a powerful way to interact and engage with new and existing audiences incredibly exciting.

But for brands and businesses, social media is now a crowded place. You need to work hard to stand out and earn engagement. Like a blank page, the scope of social media can be exciting or terrifying – it depends on your perspective.

If you are looking for ideas for a creative campaign (rather than day-to-day social media management), whether it’s linked to a promotion, a launch, an announcement, a seasonal event, or simply to give your engagement levels a boost, I’m happy to help with concept and execution.

As a freelance copywriter and social media content creator, I can provide the idea, the words, imagery, and video content (with a little help to a talented camera operator I’m conveniently married to).

Example: Creating campaigns with visual impact for Timecode Systems

Complex technology (contained on minuscule, concealed circuit boards) and simple, matchbox size products don’t exactly have the Insta-appeal of a new fashion range or a candle sitting on a consciously curated shelf. But there is always an alternative angle. From getting messy for a Great British Bake Off case study and recruiting an elf for a 12 day festive holiday campaign, to more product focused images for launches and promotions, these creative, image-led campaigns have made sure there is never a dull moment across the company’s social media channels.

Finding a hook

Social media is driven by trends. Spotting an opportunity to connect with a hot topic is a great way to appeal to your audience. So when a new series of the Great British Bake Off started, it provided a perfect opportunity to promote a case study describing how Timecode Systems technology was used on the show. And we decided to go to town with the creativity.

Freelance writer and social media photographer

It’s all about the build up

Social media is the perfect space to build excitement and anticipation ahead of a new launch or announcement. 

Invite interaction with seasonal campaigns

Social media is a place to bring out the quirkier side of your brand’s personality and inject a bit of fun into your marketing.

Interested in discussing ideas for your next social media campaign?