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How to write a white paper

How to write a white paper that won’t send your readers to sleep

White papers have a dreary demeanour, But don’t let this put you off. I actually think they’re an underused form of content. Here’s why you should add ‘write a white paper’ to your content plans.

My top 7 editing tips

My top editing tips. And why it’s more than proofreading.

Editing your writing is so much more than spotting typos and grammatical slip-ups. Proofreading is super important, but editing is where the real magic happens. Here are my top seven editing tips.

What great copywriters do

What makes a great copywriter?

A broad vocabulary and a clever way with English language, combined with an almost pedantic penchant for precise punctuation? In my eyes, they’re the makings of a distinctly average copywriter. If you’re going to charge someone a professional copywriter’s fee for your words, expect people to want a lot more. A knack for saying things nicely and…
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