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Tone of voice workshop

Today, everyone is a writer

With a tone of voice workshop, my aim is to make you feel like a writer. I want you to feel excited rather than fretful when writing about your business. I’ll create a session for your team with a customised package of resources that will help you all feel comfortable writing in your brand style. 

The core character traits of your brand can be expressed in the vocabulary and language you choose and the tone of your voice. To clarify:

Voice = Your voice is tightly aligned to who we are. This shouldn’t change much from day to day.
Tone = You tweak your tone to suit the circumstances and who you’re talking to.

This course will show you how to combine voice and tone to create content that’s memorable and likeable. So, as well as embedding your brand style in your subconcious, expect lots of copywriting tips as I share my approach to writing compelling copy.

Let’s get started

Putting your tone of voice guidelines into action

Having tone of voice guidelines is all very well, but how does it work in the real world?

‘Playful’ to one person can suggest a light hearted aside. Other people may interpret this as freedom to indulge in no holds barred ‘banter’.

Where your brand guidelines say use a ‘warm and friendly’ tone, what does that mean when you sit down to write a caption for LinkedIn?

And how exactly do you choose words that suggest ‘humour and humility’ simultaneously?

This training session takes all the nuances of your tone of voice guidelines and clarifies how they work in the real world. The goal is to give your team the skills and confidence to write naturally in your brand style.

How does a tone of voice workshop work?

Every session is customised to meet your needs. It can be delivered in a single half day block or over two separate 90 minute sessions depending on what works best for you. Here’s a rough idea of what’s involved.


We’ll look at the different ‘voices’ in your market, so you can understand the variations and see how your tone helps you to stand out in conversations. Most importantly we’ll look at you. This is an opportunity to unwrap some of the nuances in your brand personality, dissecting how your tone of voice reflects your core character traits.

⚡️A consistent understanding of the traits of your brand voice⚡️


In these days of content overload, everything you write needs to be written with a key purpose. Even light and conversational captions can have a higher purpose. We’ll talk about your key content messages and how these can help you give focus to everything you write, share and say online.

⚡️Practical advice to help keep everything you write on message⚡️


What can you do to make sure your customers get what they need from your writing quickly and easily? How can you change the passive interest of a browser into proactive engagement and interaction? Tone of voice is mainly about editing. I’ll point out the key things to look out for when you’re editing your content so that it hits the right tone. 

⚡️Clarity around your brand & clear set of content-writing goals⚡️


The aim of the workshop is to embed your verbal identity and good writing practice into the habits of your people. You’ll take away a digital folder of tools and resources that will help you to take what you’ve learnt in the session and apply it in the real world. Expect tailormade checklists, prompts and templates.

⚡️Bespoke resources to help you apply writing habits⚡️

Hang on, what are tone of voice guidelines?

 Put simply, your tone of voice guidelines outline how you use language and vocabulary to capture the essence of who you are. It’s driven by your values and provides the creative backbone all your content. It’s an important part of helping everyone to talk about your brand and business in a clear, consistent and compelling a way across all of your communications channels – formal and informal.

How I can help

A tone of voice workshop in a nutshell


I’ll customise your session to cater for the quirks of your brand character and the needs of your team. Timing, structure and topics can all be tweaked to make sure you get exactly what you need from me.

Practical skills & habit forming advice

This isn’t about honing a new tone of voice (look at my tone of voice guidelines for that). The training session is designed to help your team see how they can use your brand voice in everything they write. 

making writing less intimidating

Writing outside of your comfort zone (often formal essay-speak) can feel daunting. This workshop provides writing guidance, ideas and prompts that will give you the reassurance to be bolder with your writing. My goal is to make you feel excited about writing about your business.

practical writing tips

My goal is to help everyone who writes for your team to feel more confidence creating content. I’ll add writing tips and ideas that will help you write with impact in a conversational tone that’s customised toappeak to your audience and  fit your brand values.

What’s the investment?

The session will be built for you ad so will the price. It will depend on your business, how many people you want to involve and what type of content they are most likely to be creating. But to give you a ball park, half day workshops with a customised resource pack to take away typically start from £1500.

Planning for the future? Let’s keep in touch.