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Swearing at work etiquette

Can swearing be a legitimate part of a brand’s tone of voice?

As someone who finds swearing awkward and unnatural, I’m often left in awe of how some people seem to be able to scatter profanities into their prose with such ease and panache. But I’ll (probably) never actually do it. Here’s why.

How to write a white paper

How to write a white paper that won’t send your readers to sleep

White papers have a dreary demeanour, But don’t let this put you off. I actually think they’re an underused form of content. Here’s why you should add ‘write a white paper’ to your content plans.

My top 7 editing tips

My top editing tips. And why it’s more than proofreading.

Editing your writing is so much more than spotting typos and grammatical slip-ups. Proofreading is super important, but editing is where the real magic happens. Here are my top seven editing tips.

Why write a blog?

4 reasons to write a blog for your small business

Are you weighing up whether you should write a blog? The aim of this blog is to give you some encouragement to take that next step and make starting a blog your new marketing goal.

How to hire a copywriter

You’re setting up a new website. First things first, you do a quick search for a web designer, send off a few enquiries. Problem solved. Or is it? Have you thought about hiring a copywriter to help you with the content?  Probably not at this stage. After all you’ve appointed a web designer, so you’re…
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What great copywriters do

What makes a great copywriter?

A broad vocabulary and a clever way with English language, combined with an almost pedantic penchant for precise punctuation? In my eyes, they’re the makings of a distinctly average copywriter. If you’re going to charge someone a professional copywriter’s fee for your words, expect people to want a lot more. A knack for saying things nicely and…
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copywriting tips

How to write good conversational copy {writing tips}

First, I’ll put this straight on the table – the best marketing sounds like a conversation. Fact. And if you get conversational copy right, your reader will be rushing to continue the dialogue with you in person as soon as they reach the end of the page. Sound good? I’m not saying that all of…
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