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Bursting the ideal client bubble

Let’s embrace the unusual client My background is in marketing. I studied it. I applied the haloed methodologies with the same loyalty dog owners expect from their dutiful labradors. I believed the textbooks, the ‘gurus’ and inspirational talks. And I spouted out the mantras with a level of conviction the battling prospective leaders of our…
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Copywriter in the spotlight

Ask the copywriter: In the spotlight for ProCopywriters

I joined the ProCopywriters network about 18 months ago. I put up a profile and lurked. For most of this time. Then it hit me that I could be making a lot more of the network. I joined because it was a useful source of information and a nifty way for customers to find me.…
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How to hire a copywriter

You’re setting up a new website. First things first, you do a quick search for a web designer, send off a few enquiries. Problem solved. Or is it? Have you thought about hiring a copywriter to help you with the content?  Probably not at this stage. After all you’ve appointed a web designer, so you’re…
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What great copywriters do

What makes a great copywriter?

A broad vocabulary and a clever way with English language, combined with an almost pedantic penchant for precise punctuation? In my eyes, they’re the makings of a distinctly average copywriter. If you’re going to charge someone a professional copywriter’s fee for your words, expect people to want a lot more. A knack for saying things nicely and…
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copywriting tips

How to write good conversational copy {writing tips}

First, I’ll put this straight on the table – the best marketing sounds like a conversation. Fact. And if you get conversational copy right, your reader will be rushing to continue the dialogue with you in person as soon as they reach the end of the page. Sound good? I’m not saying that all of…
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Copywriter life working from home

Copywriter life: My working from home day {unedited}

I’m a freelance copywriter. My office has been my home for almost a whole decade. Self-discipline should be something I have nailed and my finely tuned work processes should ensure every single day is productivity personified. However, working from home isn’t this simple. Or consistent. And as for me, here’s the truth… Productivity is something…
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If you’re starting out as a freelance copywriter {my story}

You’re probably wondering if your reasons for shunning the security of your existing career with its pension plan and paid holiday are really justified? Or maybe you’re facing redundancy and you’re clueless to why the heck anyone would voluntary sacrifice themselves to such a unpredictable and chaotic existence? Starting out as a freelance copywriter isn’t…
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What’s the secret to a successful product launch? {Great content}

There’s nothing quite like a product launch to send your anxiety levels soaring. You think your latest development is a stroke of utter genius. You’re pretty sure your customers are going to fall just as in love with your product as you are… but still, nagging doubts will ensure the night before a launch is…
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