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How to write a white paper

How to write a white paper that won’t send your readers to sleep

White papers have a dreary demeanour, But don’t let this put you off. I actually think they’re an underused form of content. Here’s why you should add ‘write a white paper’ to your content plans.

Writing capsule website content

Building your capsule content: 5 pages every website needs to have

Hands up who hates their website. Here’s a few reasons why so many of your hands shot up into the air.

why you hate your website content

4 reasons why you hate your website

Hands up who hates their website. Here’s a few reasons why so many of your hands shot up into the air.

3 reasons why you need a website

Do I need a website?

It pains me to say this, but with so many ways to share your brand online nowadays, it’s a very valid question. But still, I 100% believe you not only need a website, you need a really flippin’ good one to successfully build your brand online. This post discusses why.

What makes a good copywriter?

What makes a good copywriter? It’s not all about a clever way with words. There are four other things that are equally important as writing ability.

My top 7 editing tips

My top editing tips. And why it’s more than proofreading.

Editing your writing is so much more than spotting typos and grammatical slip-ups. Proofreading is super important, but editing is where the real magic happens. Here are my top seven editing tips.

Why write a blog?

4 reasons to write a blog for your small business

Are you weighing up whether you should write a blog? The aim of this blog is to give you some encouragement to take that next step and make starting a blog your new marketing goal.

Should I still be marketing my business during the Covid-19 lockdown?

Marketing during the Coronavirus crisis

Should you continue marketing during the Coronavirus crisis?  Is it insensitive? It probably feels awkward. But is it necessary all the same? After all, we all have livelihoods to think about and businesses to protect. If there is one thing we’re lacking during this crisis, it’s certainty of any kind. One minute you feel bold…
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Bursting the ideal client bubble

Let’s embrace the unusual client My background is in marketing. I studied it. I applied the haloed methodologies with the same loyalty dog owners expect from their dutiful labradors. I believed the textbooks, the ‘gurus’ and inspirational talks. And I spouted out the mantras with a level of conviction the battling prospective leaders of our…
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Copywriter in the spotlight

Ask the copywriter: In the spotlight for ProCopywriters

I joined the ProCopywriters network about 18 months ago. I put up a profile and lurked. For most of this time. Then it hit me that I could be making a lot more of the network. I joined because it was a useful source of information and a nifty way for customers to find me.…
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