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Do you feel your content isn’t hitting the spot?

Are you worried about creating a website no-one will ever find?  Or worse, that they won’t stick around and read?  Maybe you’re struggling to get started or simply feel overwhelmed by the pressure to create content?

If you’re looking for someone to chat content ideas with and overcome some of your concerns, I’m your freelance copywriter

I love a good chinwag. And if you’re putting on the kettle, I’ll always say “yes please” to a cup of tea (white, no sugar). I also love coffee, coffee shops (particularly the overly pretentious ones) and human interaction, so if you’re in the Birmingham area email me and let’s meet up.

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I’m based in Hagley, near to Birmingham UK.


I’m a Birmingham UK copywriter but my clients are everywhere.

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Swearing at work etiquette

Can swearing be a legitimate part of a brand’s tone of voice?

As someone who finds swearing awkward and unnatural, I’m often left in awe of how some people seem to be able to scatter profanities into their prose with such ease and panache. But I’ll (probably) never actually do it. Here’s why.

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When did I stop reading?

When did I stop reading? And more to the point, why? Here I dissect my reading habits and declare my good intentions for 2022.

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How to write a white paper

How to write a white paper that won’t send your readers to sleep

White papers have a dreary demeanour, But don’t let this put you off. I actually think they’re an underused form of content. Here’s why you should add ‘write a white paper’ to your content plans.

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