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Word Stylist blogging for clients writing guide + template

Word Stylist blogging for clients writing guide + template


A step-by-step guide to writing successful blog posts for clients

Here it is, a new blogging guide and template to help you add a professional edge to your blog-writing services.

Are you a copywriter thinking about adding blog-writing to your services?

Maybe you want to charge more for your blogs by giving them a more professional feel?

Maybe you’re a VA who is getting asked to write blogs for your clients? Do you need a little extra confidence to say yes and embrace the challenge?

Maybe you’re a web designer with a great way with words, wondering if blog writing is an extra skill you could offer your clients?

This guide is designed to help anyone who is thinking about writing blogs for their clients. Bursting with tips from a professional blog writer, this guide makes writing blog posts less daunting, less time-consuming and more effective.

There’s also a template that will help you present your writing in an organised and polished way that makes it easier for your client to review and for web designers to use.




The aims of the blogging guide are simple

  • To remove the obstacle of a blank page. Blank pages fuel procrastination, feed self-doubt and can add hours to the writing process. This guide takes away the blank page and replaces it with useful prompts and checklists so you can get writing straight away.
  • To enable you to create successful, professional blogs using a tried and tested, step-by-step process.
  • To explain some SEO basics that will make sure your blogs are not only a great read but also drive search engine traffic to your website.

Who is it for?

This guide is designed for:

  • Freelance copywriters looking to refine their blog-writing service (and give it a professional presentation)
  • VAs who are adding blog-writing to their packages
  • Web designers who want to add blog-writing to their skillset

Business owners and people writing blogs for an employer may prefer to use this alternative ‘blogging for my business‘ guide. It’s the same basic content but the template is designed for internal business use (rather than being client-facing).

What is included in this blogging package

You will receive two documents, which you can download, keep and access whenever you need to.

  1. A 16 page PDF blogging guide

That’s more than 2500 words of my professional writing wisdom. It’s presented in seven sections as follows:

  • A clear headline
  • Use sub-headings
  • Add images
  • Internal links
  • Follow a structure
  • A call to action
  • Think about keywords
  • Use conversational language
  • Ideas of how to repurpose content
  • Take version control

Each section provides practical tips and ideas on how you can improve your blog-writing in these key areas.

  1. A template in Microsoft Word

The template is designed to help you present a professional, user-friendly document to your client. It has all the elements you need to show you know what you’re doing and also helps make the content creation process smoother. There’s also a handy checklist at the front for those of you who love the satisfaction of ticking off a list (you can delete this before you send it on to the client.) This template includes:

  • A version control structure
  • A checklist
  • An SEO framework
  • A structure to follow

Who is it written by?

That’s me. I’ve been a professional writer for more than 10 years. Before focussing on writing, I worked in senior marketing and business development roles for a number of large professional services companies.

My words have been published in national publications including the Guardian and numerous industry publications. I’ve also written all types of content for my business clients. From internal communications campaigns for H.Samuel to SEO-rich wellness blogs for Holland & Barrett. But best of all, I’ve worked with some truly fantastic small businesses, and helped them find their brand voice.

Alongside my writing work, I also worked as a founding director of a start-up technology firm. In 7 years we took this company from a cramped office over a hairdressing salon to a company with a brand that got it onto the negotiating table with some of Silicon Valley’s biggest names. The company sold last year to a multinational public company, bringing this era of my career to a fantastic close.

My new focus is on sharing the writing and communication techniques and processes I’ve honed over the years. Through Word Stylist I’m providing resources that will allow you to add extra sparkle to your content. This includes step-by-step guides like this one.

And finally…

I’d love to see the blog posts you create using this Word Stylist method. Please share them with me on social media or email me a link. If you’re happy, I’d love to share them across my channels – because it’s through sharing that the real marketing magic of blogging really happens.


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