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What does a freelance copywriter actually do?

Copywriters are great at starting conversations for you. The right words can get people talking, thinking, and sharing. Ultimately this motivates the people you want to reach most to interact with you.  

Here are a few ways I do this:


Website content & SEO

Engage the right people with SEO-friendly web content and blogs.


Words that win new work and investment opportunities.

Social media

Wow your followers on every channel with creative content.

PR & editorial

Informative, thought-provoking, and engaging editorial content

How can a freelance copywriter help your business? Let me explain.

Before I started my freelance writing business in 2009, I worked in various marketing roles in the professional services sector.

I understand the pressures marketing teams face and the challenge of tackling never-ending to-do lists.

I know the projects lingering untouched at the bottom of your pile often are those require lots of writing. 

The things that jump to mind are new website content, social media, case studiesthought leadershipblog posts. Even the most basic online necessities, such as updated biographiesteam profiles and services pages.

This is where I can help.

You can outsource these projects that never quite get done (and nobody really wants to do) to me.

A fresh perspective on your content

It’s very difficult to write your own content as a business.

Yes, you know the business inside and out, and understand your products and services down to the smallest possible detail. There’s no doubt about that. But you might not be the best person to tell your story on your website or for other marketing materials.

Jargon, acronyms, inside jokes, assumed knowledge – you can’t talk to your customers as you would a colleague. 

I bring a fresh pair of eyes and a new way to connect with your target audience. Because really it’s all about them. Not you.

So it isn’t really about me either. But in case you’re interested…

Let's get connected (it's good to get to know each other)

Of course, you may not need a copywriter right now. Or maybe the powers that be need a little convincing (let me know if I can help).

However, do you have a glimmer of an idea and an inkling you’ll need some help with bringing it to life?

Even if you haven’t quite got the go ahead yet, let’s get connected now.

That way, we get the formalities over and when the time is right, we can get straight down to business.